Revere Security Services strives to supply our customers with the same sense of security provided the United States’ President through ensuring the highest levels of service, professionalism, and training.

The STory

When I was about 12 years old, my family had a farm outside Paducah, KY. It was there, during the early stages of my life, that I learned many valuable lessons. My parents instilled in me the desire to do my best and to honor God in all things.

As I got older, I developed a passion for security and the safety of my fellow citizens. That desire led me to join the security forces in the United States Marines. After passing a couple of review boards, I was accepted into the Presidential Security Program. I was sent to Virginia for further training such as active shooter tactics, riot control, and close-quarters combat. Upon completion, I was shipped to The Marine Barracks in Washington, DC.

Upon my arrival there, I was assigned to physical security of the compound. During this time, I led a squad of marines as the quick response force for the President, as well as overseeing physical access security for the Vice President. After passing an intense and extensive background check process, I was then transferred to the White House Communications Agency. While there, I continued to provide physical security, camera monitoring, and access control in support of leaders in the United States government.

Upon completing my time in Washington, DC, I received orders to Camp Horno in California where I was stationed for the remainder of my contract. During this time, I spent seven months on deployment in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia where I continued training in riot control, weapons handling, and trained with a SEAL team in close-quarters combat.

After six years of serving and protecting my country through security, I came back home. Blasting “Home Sweet Home” by Motley Crue, I pulled up to my childhood farm with the goal of providing this same type of security to the Paducah area.

So here I am, back in my community offering the best of the best in my industry, working to provide top-of-the-line security in a way that is pleasing to God.

The Team

Avery Hackett, Paducah, KY

CEO and Founder

Tristan Dobbs, Friendship, Tennessee

Head of ARMED Security

During my time in the Marine Corps, I learned the importance of communication, ethical leadership, and accountability. Tasked as team leader in the Ground Sensor Platoon with the duty of detecting enemy movements, as well as tasked as a leader for trainings in riot control, close quarters combat and proper weapons handling, an ability to perform well under stress was developed.

In addition to my Marine Corps experience, I have also worked with several security companies providing security for various establishments including Nissan Stadium in Nashville, TN.

The experience gained and the leadership positions held have prepared me to oversee and direct teams of armed security guards. As Head of Armed Security at Revere Security Services my focus is to ensure that proper security is always executed.

Joseph Barlow, Hampton, Kentucky


Safety is important to not only a successful and productive society as a whole but to all of us as individuals and families. My career-long goal has always been to ultimately find myself in a place of contributing to that protection. My career journey has included education in Civil Engineering and now a degree in Criminal Justice which will include law enforcement in the future.

I am pleased to work for Revere Security Services in a capacity where I can bring my knowledge and passion to the table in a way that serves our community.

Jordan Bucher, Paducah, KY


During my service in the Marine Corps, the importance of proper leadership and personnel safety was heavily enforced in my training and infantry service. While on deployment, I served as the Position Safety Officer for the Jordanian military gun platoon during joint training operations and provided oversight for both the US and Jordanian troops on training missions.

I also served on a Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel (TRAP) team designated to the Black Sea Rotational Force. The TRAP team served as first responders to the Black Sea region to rescue personnel and downed aircraft from danger. My training and experience with leadership and personnel protection from the Marine Corps will help me better serve the community as a part of the Revere Security Services team.

My time as a firefighter, after my service in the Marine Corps, allowed me to gain experience with emergency situations (medical and non-medical) and focus my abilities to help those in need which I can translate into my position as a Personal Protection Specialist with Revere Security Services.

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