Physical Security

Professional physical security is now available in the Western Kentucky area. Here at Revere Security Services, we offer all types of physical security.

Industrial Security and Access Control

Revere Security Services integrates guards into your site to ensure the safest environment and most trusting atmosphere possible for your employees and constituents. Revere will enforce proper access control as per your facility’s policies and procedures ensuring effective functionality is upheld day to day.

Personal Protection Service

Whether for general precaution, or protection due to threat, we can handle your entire needs or supplement your current staff.

Marked Vehicular Patrol

Trouble with vandalism, want to make your tenants feel safer at home, or want to add security to your exterior inventory? We can secure your environment with patrols in marked vehicles.

Unarmed, Establishment or Small Event Security Staffing


We have a well-experienced team of unarmed security guards ready to handle ID checks, de-escalation of altercations, or small crowd control for parties, bars, weddings, or churches.

LARGE-SCALE Event Security Staffing

If you own a concert hall, racetrack, or any other large event center, we’ve got you covered. We can provide unarmed guards for your entrances, checkpoints, and guest services as needed. We also supply armed patrol officers to ensure a more secure environment for guests, staff, and any performers while present on your property.

StoreFront Guard Services

We can offer storefront guards, armed or unarmed, to assist with the peace of mind of employees and guests at your business. These guards can serve as door greeters to bring an altogether better experience to your guests and customers.

Get the Security You Need with An Easy Estimate


1. Complete the Easy Estimate Form

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2. Schedule a Call or Walkthrough

From there we will schedule a free walk-through or call where Avery assesses the needs and desires for security.

3. Get your Estimate

Shortly after the walkthrough or call, Avery will send you a custom security plan and estimate.