Security Systems

Customize your system with us. Whether it’s a burglary alarm, surveillance, or automation system, we offer the most reliable brands with easy to use integrations.

security systems, whether intrusion, burglary alarm, surveillance, or access control,

do not have to be a hassle

New Construction

Get a jump start on your system before you break ground. There are many benefits to pre-planning and pre-wiring your new building whether residential or commercial.


With access control, surveillance, and all sorts of analytics, we can better connect you with your business while also gaining you certain utility-cost savings.


Your home should be where you feel safest. Revere can relieve you of wondering if your front door is locked, windows and garage doors are shut, and allow you to determine who’s at the front door when you are not home. We can also make your life easier with several forms of home automations. Offering you the best brands and the best prices with USA based customer services, we look forward to installing your new system.


180 degrees? 360 degrees? just the driveway? or even interior cameras for your business? Your cameras will function with Wi-Fi or direct-wired ethernet, viewable from your phone or live streamed to a tv in your office. You will benefit from the many analytics offered for your business as well as the new “Smarter Business Video Surveillance” capabilities of certain cameras.

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