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Revere SECURITY services

We offer state-of-the-art security equipment, installs, and monitoring for residential and commercial security systems as well as professional armed and unarmed security for businesses, events, and concerts. Revere Security Services is based in Paducah, Kentucky and serves the surrounding areas.

Security Solutions for Your Home or Business



Don’t stress about the process of gaining security. We assess your wants and needs to determine exactly what is right for you.


Receive the peace of mind that you, your loved ones, your business and/or your property are being monitored, surveillanced, or guarded.


You control the aspects of security and automation utilized to fit you and your family’s or business’s desires and needs.

Licensed & Insured Physical Security Guards

Receive reliable, licensed, insured, professional, and thoroughly trained physical security guards all with prior experience in industries like: first responder, law enforcement, military and more, making Revere the obvious choice for providing your security needs. Our Guards are all trained to be proficient in state and federal laws, how to properly de-escalate altercations, how to handle basic medical needs, along with many other required qualifications.

Customize Your ENVIRONMENT

to find the comfort you need

We offer self-customizable security and automation systems. With the brands we use, you can control your home or business directly from your smartphone. You can easily adjust your:




Garage Door




Check Cameras or Locks


Arm your Security System


... and more!

Our Customized SECURITY Services

Physical Security

Armed and unarmed physical security for events and businesses.

Professional, well-trained officers, who are taught to be proficient in public services as well as the continuum of force module.

Security Systems

Residential and commercial security system accounts both with or without surveillance and fire coverage.

Self-customized security and automation systems to fit you and your family’s desires and needs.

We Offer Peace of Mind

Not Frustration and Stress

We know the security system industry can evoke feelings of uncertainty and frustration from dealing with sales reps to products and installations.

If you’re wondering who to put your trust in, Revere Security Services offers personalized customer service, the top brands in security systems, and a direct connection to the CEO and founder, Avery Hackett.

We feel our calling is to protect and serve those in this community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to view my cameras remotely?

Yes. The majority of cameras and integrations are viewable via an app on your phone.

How do I know if my older home can support a system with this new technology?

As long as you have sufficient internet connection, our systems will work in your home, regardless of the age of the home.

What makes Revere Security Services different from other companies?

Revere’s process is very personable which allows for a more smooth experience in securing the services you seek. We focus on establishing a personal connection with our customers to build trust and reliability.

Why is Revere's monitoring cost lower than any others?

We keep our overhead as low as possible to make security/automation systems available to families based on their needs and their budget.

Get the Security You Need with An Easy Estimate


1. Complete the Easy Estimate Form

Click the link below to complete our Easy Estimate form. You'll answer a few questions on the size of your space and the type of security you want.

2. Schedule a Call or Walkthrough

From there we will schedule a free walk-through or call where Avery assesses the needs and desires for security.

3. Get your Estimate

Shortly after the walkthrough or call, Avery will send you a custom security plan and estimate.